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    Exploring Mini Tractors? Well, your search ends here. We have listed all the Mini Tractors which are available in India.

    Most popular Mini Tractor is Eicher 242. It is available in India with a and 25 horsepower. It is priced at Rs. 3.85 Lakh.

    You can browse all the Mini Tractors options from here and research more about features and technical specifications, mileage, latest prices, genuine user reviews, colours, service & maintenance cost, exclusive images & videos. You may even compare multiple Tractor models for better understanding of alternatives.

    Finally, when you decide which Mini Tractor suits you most, you may choose to contact your nearest Tractor dealers to get best offers.

    Other popular Mini Tractors models are:

    Popular Mini Tractors

    Tractor ModelPriceSpecification
    Eicher 242Rs. 3850001557 cc, Diesel
    Mahindra Jivo 225 DIRs. 2910001366 cc, 20 HP hp, Diesel
    Swaraj 717Rs. 260000Diesel
    Eicher 241Rs. 3420001557 cc, Diesel
    Farmtrac Atom 26Rs. 500000Diesel
    Swaraj 724 XMRs. 4210001824 cc, Diesel
    Eicher 188Rs. 290000828 cc, Diesel
    Mahindra Jivo 245 DIRs. 3900001366 cc, 24 HP hp, Diesel
    Kubota B2441Rs. 4990001123 cc
    John Deere 3036ENRs. 6500001500 cc, Diesel
    Kubota A211NRs. 4136001001 cc
    Mahindra Jivo 365 DIRs. 48000036 HP hp, Diesel
    Sonalika Tiger ElectricRs. 599000Electric
    Swaraj 825 XMRs. 3700001538 cc, Diesel
    Massey Ferguson 6028Rs. 5100001318 cc, Diesel
    Sonalika Gt 20Rs. 305000959 cc, Diesel
    John Deere 3028ENRs. 565000Diesel
    Powertrac 425 NRs. 3300001560 cc, Diesel
    Force Orchard DLXRs. 4500001947 cc
    Kubota B2741SRs. 5450001261 cc
    Force Orchard MiniRs. 4500001947 cc, Diesel
    Sonalika DI 30 BaagbanRs. 325000Diesel
    Sonalika DI 30 Baagban SuperRs. 480000Diesel
    Captain 280Rs. 4250001290 cc, Diesel
    Farmtrac 6050 Executive 4X4Rs. 775000Diesel
    Force Abhiman 4X4Rs. 5800001647 cc
    Indo Farm 1026Rs. 4800001318 cc
    John Deere 3036E 4WDRs. 585000N/A
    Mahindra Jivo 245 VineyardRs. 415000Diesel
    ACE Di 305 NgRs. 4350002044 cc, Diesel
    Captain 200 DIRs. 320000895 cc, 20 HP hp, Diesel
    Captain 250 DIRs. 4700001290 cc, 25 HP hp
    Captain 280 DXRs. 4500001290 cc
    Captain 283Rs. 4500001318 cc, 27 HP hp
    Massey TAFE 30 DI Orchard PlusRs. 4400001670 cc, Diesel
    Preet 2549Rs. 4300001854 cc
    Solis 2516 SNRs. 5230001318 cc, Diesel
    Sonalika GT 22 PPRs. 342000979 cc
    VST 5025 R BransonRs. 8630002286 cc
    VST 932 DIRs. 5700001758 cc
    VST MT 171 DI SamraatRs. 288000Diesel
    VST MT 224 1DRs. 342000N/A
    VST MT 270 ViraatRs. 4820001306 cc, Diesel
    VST MT180D Jai 2Rs. 298000900 cc
    VST VT 224 1DRs. 342000980 cc, Diesel
    Massey Ferguson 5118Rs. 305000825 cc, 20 HP hp, Diesel
    VST VT-180D HS/JAIRs. 335000900 cc, Diesel
    Kubota A211N-OPRs. 4990001001 cc, Diesel
    Eicher 188 4 WDRs. 350000825 cc, Diesel
    VST MT 225 AJAI POWER PLUSRs. 395000980 cc, Diesel
    Sonalika GT 26Rs. 4500001318 cc, Diesel
    Sonalika Baagban DI 32 RxRs. 586000Diesel
    Captain 280 DI 4WDRs. 5050001290 cc, Diesel
    Powertrac Euro G28Rs. 6000001318 cc, Diesel
    Mahindra 255 DI POWER PLUSRs. 3800001490 cc, Diesel
    Mahindra 245 DI ORCHARDRs. 3510003067 cc, Diesel
    Mahindra JIVO 305 DI 4WDRs. 490000Diesel
    Sonalika GT 28Rs. 4590001318 cc, Diesel
    Mahindra Yuvraj 215 NXTRs. 25000086355 cc, 15 HP hp, Diesel
    Sonalika Tiger 26Rs. 600000Diesel
    Escorts SleetracRs. 260000Diesel
    Captain 273 DIRs. 3900001319 cc, Diesel
    VST 927Rs. 420000Diesel
    Eicher Xtrac 241Rs. 3250001557 cc, Diesel
    John Deere 3036ERs. 7400002800 cc, 36 HP hp, Diesel
    Swaraj 724 XM Orchard NTRs. 4180001824 cc, 30 HP hp, Diesel
    Swaraj 724 XM ORCHARDRs. 3950001824 cc, 25 HP hp, Diesel
    Farmtrac Atom 35Rs. 5700001758 cc, 35 HP hp, Diesel
    Kubota NeoStar B2741Rs. 5450001261 cc, 27 HP hp, Diesel
    Kubota Neostar B2441Rs. 4990001123 cc, 24 HP hp, Diesel
    Kubota NeoStar A211NRs. 4150001001 cc, 21 HP hp, Diesel
    VST 932Rs. 5400001758 cc, 30 HP hp, Diesel
    VST MT 270 -VIRAAT 2W-AGRIMASTERRs. 4210001306 cc, 27 HP hp, Diesel
    Indo Farm 1026 NGRs. 39000026 HP hp, Diesel
    Farmtrac Atom 22Rs. 40000022 HP hp, Diesel
    Force ORCHARD DLX LTRs. 4600001947 cc, 27 HP hp, Diesel
    Force ORCHARD DELUXERs. 4500001947 cc, 27 HP hp, Diesel
    Captain 283 8GRs. 4250001318 cc, 27 HP hp, Diesel
    Sonalika GT 22Rs. 335000979 cc, 22 HP hp, Diesel
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    Mini Tractors User Reviews

    • SR
      Simon Rex P J
      Posted On: 18 November, 2021

      Low maintenance cost

      I like the performance. It has a powerful engine with 1 cylinder. a reasonable price range and a low maintenance cost

    • A
      Posted On: 17 November, 2021

      equiped with top technology

      This tractor has 10 speed gearboz- 8 forward and 2 reverse, equiped with modern technology and has only 1 cylinder

    • 3.2
      Posted On: 14 November, 2021

      Powerful and strong

      This tractor is very powerful and strong. It has a powerful gearbox and a fuel capacity of 35 litres. Nice price.

    • AS
      Anurag Savita
      Posted On: 13 November, 2021

      Good Efficiency

      This tractor is having very good efficiency and provides power output of about 25 HP

    • R
      Posted On: 30 October, 2021

      Reasonable price

      This tractor has a lot of power and strength. It has a strong transmission and a 35-litre fuel tank. The price is quite reasonable.