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Wondering which Tata bus you should buy? We are here to help you purchase best bus as per your budget and needs. We provide you the genuine user reviews from the real bus owners, latest prices, updated specifications, high-resolution images for all Tata bus models of 2022 in India.

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There are bus models available from Tata in India. Most expensive Tata bus model is Starbus Ultra SKL which is priced at Rs. 32.00 Lakh. On the lower end, Magic is the least expensive bus model which will cost you Rs. 4.52 Lakh. These prices are indicative and may vary. Don't forget to check best Tata offers available near you.

Looking at the Tata Buses popularity, Tata Winger 15S is the highly demanded bus model right now.

Here is a brief summary of all popular bus models from Tata:

Tata bus Price List 2022

Tata Bus ModelPriceSpecification
Tata Winger 15SRs. 1319000N/A
Tata Winger Ambulance 3200Rs. 1479000N/A
Tata Starbus Ultra SKLRs. 2600000N/A
Tata LP 410Rs. 10751203783 cc,
Tata LP 407Rs. 16330643783 cc,
Tata LP 1112N/A3783 cc,
Tata LP 712Rs. 12423763783 cc,
Tata LP 912Rs. 14343763783 cc,
Tata LP 913Rs. 18699605675 cc,
Tata LPO 1613Rs. 16090005675 cc,
Tata LP LPO 1512N/A5883 cc,
Tata LPO 10.2 TRs. 15542803000 cc,
Tata LPO 8.5 TRs. 15272803000 cc,
Tata LPO 7.5 TRs. 20344953300 cc,
Tata LP/LPON/A5883 cc,
Tata LP/LPO 1512 ExN/A5888 cc,
Tata LP/LPO 1612 ExN/A5883 cc,
Tata LPORs. 13650005883 cc,
Tata LPO 1612N/A5883 cc,
Tata LPO 1616N/A5600 cc,
Tata Starbus Staff Contract ChassisRs. 25994655000 cc,
Tata LPO 1618Rs. 18170005883 cc,
Tata LPO 1621N/A5635 cc,
Tata Magic Iris ZivaRs. 510000N/A
Tata Magic IrisN/A611 cc,
Tata MagicRs. 452000702 cc,
Tata Magic MantraRs. 494428798 cc,
Tata VentureN/A1405 cc,
Tata Starbus Staff ContractRs. 21614893800 cc,
Tata LP 909Rs. 16684503783 cc,
Tata Starbus Sub UrbanN/AN/A
Tata Starbus City ChassisN/A5700 cc,
Tata LP 410 Luxury StarbusN/A2956 cc,
Tata SFC 410 CityRideN/A2956 cc,
Tata SFC 410 Starbus Deluxe MaxicabN/A2956 cc,
Tata SFC 410 Starbus Standard MaxicabN/A2956 cc,
Tata SFC 410 AmbulanceN/A2956 cc,
Tata SFC 407 StarbusRs. 1468280N/A
Tata SFC 410 EX CityRide SkoolN/A2956 cc,
Tata SFC 410N/A2956 cc,
Tata SFC 410 CityRide SkoolRs. 9860002956 cc,
Tata LPO 1623 Low Entry TarmacN/A5900 cc,
Tata LPO 1618 Low Entry REN/AN/A
Tata LPO 7.5 T Starbus Ultra LuxuryRs. 2138000N/A
Tata SFC 407 Starbus SkoolRs. 1511280N/A
Tata LP 407 StarbusRs. 18059513783 cc,
Tata LP 407 Starbus SkoolRs. 16910643800 cc,
Tata Starbus Sub Urban LuxuryN/AN/A
Tata LP410/34/StarbusRs. 1636108N/A
Tata LPO 8.5 T Starbus Ultra LuxuryN/AN/A
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Tata FAQs

  • Which are the most popular Tata bus models of 2022 in India?

    Tata Winger 15S, Tata Winger Ambulance 3200, Tata Starbus Ultra SKL are the most popular Tata Buses in India.

  • Which is the least expensive Tata bus in India?

    Magic with a price tag of Rs. 4.52 Lakh is the least expensive Tata bus in India.

  • Which is the most expensive Tata bus in India?

    Starbus Ultra SKL with a price tag of Rs. 26.00 Lakh is the most expensive Tata bus in India.

  • Are their any dealers available for Tata near you ?

    Check Tata Dealers available near you.

  • What is the HP range of Tata Buses ?

    Tata Buses are available in the HP range of 100 - 99.1 HP.