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    40 Seater Buses

    Exploring 40 Seater Buses? Well, your search ends here. We have listed all the 40 Seater Buses which are available in India.

    Most popular 40 Seater Bus is Ashok Leyland Viking. It is available in India with a and 183 horsepower. It is priced at Rs. 33.80 Lakh.

    You can browse all the 40 Seater Buses options from here and research more about features and technical specifications, mileage, latest prices, genuine user reviews, colours, service & maintenance cost, exclusive images & videos. You may even compare multiple Bus models for better understanding of alternatives.

    Finally, when you decide which 40 Seater Bus suits you most, you may choose to contact your nearest Bus dealers to get best offers.

    Other popular 40 Seater Buses models are:

    Popular 40 Seater Buses

    Bus ModelPriceSpecification
    Ashok Leyland VikingRs. 33800005760 cc, 200 hp, Diesel
    Ashok Leyland STAGRs. 9870003660 cc, Diesel
    Tata LP 912Rs. 14343763783 cc, Diesel
    Tata LP 909Rs. 16684503783 cc, CNG
    Tata LP 909 StarbusRs. 18563213784 cc, CNG
    Tata LP 712 StarbusN/A3783 cc, Diesel
    Tata Urban 9/12mRs. 21000000Diesel
    Ashok Leyland LuxuraN/A5660 cc, Diesel
    Mahindra ComfioN/A3329 cc, Diesel
    Eicher Starline 2075 HRs. 13800002960 cc, 120 hp, Diesel
    Eicher Skyline 2090 LRs. 13700002960 cc, 140 hp, Diesel
    Tata LP 913Rs. 18699605675 cc, CNG
    Tata Starbus Staff ContractRs. 21614893800 cc, Diesel,CNG
    Tata Starbus Sub UrbanN/ADiesel,CNG
    Tata Starbus City ChassisN/A5700 cc, CNG,Diesel
    Tata Starbus Sub Urban LuxuryN/A99 hp, Diesel
    Tata LPO 6.5 T Starbus Ultra StandardN/ADiesel
    Tata Starbus Ultra Sub Urban LuxuryN/A123 hp, Diesel
    Tata Starbus Ultra Staff ContractRs. 3067378Diesel
    Ashok Leyland 12M FE IntercityN/ADiesel
    Tata LP709/42/Cityride SkoolN/ADiesel
    Mahindra Cruzio Grande Staff Bus 4440N/A3500 cc, Diesel
    Tata LP709/42/Starbus skoolN/ADiesel
    Tata LP 709 Starbus SkoolRs. 1933128Diesel
    Ashok Leyland Oyster Tourist BusN/A3839 cc, Diesel
    Tata LP712/42/Starbus SkoolRs. 2026920Diesel
    Tata LP912/49/StarbusN/ADiesel
    Tata LP 912 EX Starbus SkoolRs. 18591943783 cc, Diesel
    Tata LP 712 Starbus Skool ACRs. 2100920Diesel
    Tata LP 913 Starbus Skool CNG ACRs. 20129015700 cc, CNG
    Volvo Hybrid City BusN/A4760 cc, Diesel
    Scania F310 HBN/A9000 cc, Diesel
    Eicher Skyline Pro 3010 L Route PermitN/A3770 cc, 160 hp
    Tata Starbus Urban City ElectricN/AElectric
    Tata Starbus SchoolRs. 16323303800 cc, CNG,Diesel
    Tata Starbus School ChassisRs. 19473693800 cc, CNG,Diesel
    Eicher Starline 2075 H CNG School BusN/A3298 cc, 115 hp, CNG
    Eicher Starline 2075 H School BusN/A2960 cc, 120 hp, Diesel
    Eicher Starline 2090 L CNG School BusN/A3298 cc, 115 hp, CNG
    Ashok Leyland MiTR School BusRs. 22500002953 cc, 105 hp, Diesel
    Ashok Leyland Oyster Staff BusRs. 18490003839 cc, 147 hp, Diesel
    Ashok Leyland 12M FE Staff BusRs. 1689000Diesel
    Tata Starbus CityRs. 17340003800 cc, Diesel,CNG
    Tata Starbus Ultra SchoolRs. 14000003800 cc, Diesel
    Eicher 10.75 H Starline CNG School BusRs. 20614993298 cc, 83 hp, CNG
    Eicher 10.75 H Skyline School BusRs. 20967693298 cc, 107 hp, Diesel
    Eicher 10.75 H Starline School BusRs. 19760003298 cc, 107 hp, Diesel
    Eicher 10.90 L Skyline Staff BusN/A3298 cc, 62 hp, CNG,Diesel
    Eicher 10.90 L Starline Staff BusRs. 20327993298 cc, 62 hp, CNG,Diesel
    Eicher 10.90 L Skyline College BusRs. 21969843298 cc, 95 hp, Diesel
    Eicher 10.90 LN/A3298 cc, 107 hp, Diesel
    Eicher 10.90 L Starline School BusRs. 20695143298 cc, 107 hp, Diesel,CNG
    Ashok Leyland FE SLFRs. 44140005660 cc, CNG,Diesel
    Eicher Skyline Pro 3009 L AC Staff BusN/A3770 cc, 135 hp, Diesel
    Ashok Leyland 12 MRs. 16890005660 cc, Diesel
    Ashok Leyland 12M FESLFN/ACNG
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